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Die alte Elite!



Der Titel verrät wenig bis gar nichts, soll aber zum reinschauen animieren :)

Ich habe mich vorhin gewundert warum in der Alltime-Rangliste noch Spieler wie ffilla, schulzi, eatmysocks und jauris aufgelistet sind. Normalerweise verschwinden die nach 3? Monaten sofern kein Login stattgefunden hatte.

Somit heißt das im Umkehrschluss dass diejenigen sich also die letzte Zeit mal eingeloggt hatten, sei es jetzt um nicht aus der Rangliste zu fliegen oder um zu schauen ob jemand da ist.

3 der oben genannten waren innerhalb des Monats Februar eingeloggt, Jauris im Januar. :)

Also ihr alten Hasen - es ist noch was los und wenn ihr das hier lesen solltet fühlt euch angesprochen mal ein Spiel auszumachen, es wird Zeit und ich hoffe doch ihr kommt nicht wirklich nur Online um nach wie vor in der Rangliste gelistet zu sein, ihr Noobies ihr :)

Mr. Enderson

Re: Die alte Elite!

Dr. B3st

sehr schön gesagt :)

Re: Die alte Elite!


Good evening! Good words! It will be very nice if any of old elite (and not only elite) players listed (and not listed) in Mr.Enderson's post will be back to league and make some matches as in old good times!

I've started to play again to help the game and league bring back activity and fun. Blobby is still funny! With these new servers it became even more funnier.

Nowadays lots of people stay home at quarantine. I think it's the best time for administration to make now some email newsletter for all players who have made at least several BV-matches in the past. Newsletter about our league - that we are still alive and need active players.
Maybe we can make a quarantine-tournament with some money prizes for winners? Of course, if it's allowed by your laws :) I can be the sponsor and make some donation, if we will decide to organize something like this and if there will be enough amount of participants who wants to play.

For old players, who comes but not plays: the important thing is not to win, but to take part. Ranking doesn't matter if noone plays here. Join back and play! Especially now when we all have more time for it.

We need all of you to make Blobby Liga the great again! :D

Hopefully one day we'll see such a picture here again:

P.S. By the way, I think such kind of appeals from Mr.Enderson and maybe some of my words from this post may be also published as news on the main page, not only in the forum - so that everyone who join our site may see and read it.

League needs more news! If someone who joins will see that the site is still alive and is keeping regularly updated, the chance that he or she will be more interested and will stay here will grow.
My coronavirus-mod of BV2 is also good topic for another news, while it's very relevant for nowadays and could be interesting for someone who doesn't read the forum.
If you visit english page you may see that all of the news are boring and similar. There are even news from 2016 on the top-10! On the german page it's not much better - 2017 is the latest, but anyway they are not so boring as on the international version of the league!

Of course, much depends on other players, but we can also make something to show all of them that it's still interesting here!

By this post I'd like to suggest myself as a candidate for joining the team as a Helper or maybe even Co-Admin (if only admins have rights to edit or publish news) - first of all, to help in translating all of the news from the german site and rewriting them on the english site. After it I'll translate all instructions and FAQ. By such simple things we can start trying to keep international players interested in staying in the league. If we want activity, we need international auditory too!

Several days ago I decided to start another russian Blobby community in the popular russian social network, while all other such communities there are almost dead and outdated. But today after this post I think it's better to start creating such community here. I mean creating content for it - news, instructions how to play online etc. As well as english version, we can make also the russian blobby-league and get more players by this step too.

We have a chance to make the best international site about Blobby Volley and we have to do it. It's already the best, but we can make it much better. And I'm sure that players will come if they see our interest in it!

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Re: Die alte Elite!


Mr enderson!

Whoooaaa, the memories 🥳

I'm in, I'm in. Make the blobby league great again!

Re: Die alte Elite!


Zeiten ändern dich, äh sich...

Die 100er Spiele sind passé, es geht erst ab 130 los und ich für meinen Teil bevorzuge eher min. 160.

Also falls de noch in bist, trainier mal, ich hab noch ne Revanche offen :D


Re: Die alte Elite!


130 und 160, alles klar!

Re: Die alte Elite!


Nein... ab min. 145!

130ist mittlerweile der Noob Server, die die für 100 doch schon bissl zu gut sind aber einfach zu schlecht für mehr als 130...

Und das willst du doch nicht sein, oder?


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