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(21:51) gulogulonr1: gg
(21:51) Mr.Enderson: Very good moves! GG WP
(21:51) gulogulonr1: likewise
(21:52) gulogulonr1: agame for fun??
(21:53) Mr.Enderson: ok
(21:53) gulogulonr1: .)
(21:59) Mr.Enderson: well played
(21:59) Mr.Enderson: Have to leave
(22:00) gulogulonr1: ok
(22:00) Mr.Enderson: good luck for your other final matches
(22:00) gulogulonr1: cu
(22:00) Mr.Enderson: cu
(22:00) gulogulonr1: thanks
(21:03) Mr.Enderson: Hello together
(21:04) ShinyArceus: Hi!
(21:06) Mr.Enderson: Shiny, if Nikolei can play now, could we play our match tomorrow?
(21:06) Mr.Enderson: Or after the match directly?
(21:06) ShinyArceus: tomorrow is good for me, I have no time tonight sadly
(21:07) Mr.Enderson: Ok, tomorrow 9PM?
(21:08) ShinyArceus: 9pm perfect
(21:09) Mr.Enderson: OK, cu then
(21:09) Mr.Enderson: Nikolei75 , are you here?
(21:23) Nikolei75: yes
(21:24) Nikolei75: i lost connection
(21:24) Nikolei75: but ready now
(21:25) Mr.Enderson: Ok
(21:25) Mr.Enderson: gove me 1min, pls open a game, i will join
(21:26) Nikolei75: okay
(21:33) Mr.Enderson: gg - thank you playing!
(21:33) Mr.Enderson: Where do you come from?
(21:33) Nikolei75: gg
(21:34) Nikolei75: im from Greenland
(21:36) Mr.Enderson: Greenland? Which City?
(21:36) Nikolei75: Ilulissat
(21:37) Nikolei75: how about you?
(21:38) Mr.Enderson: Wow, that is awesome, I just looked at google maps and wow, you are sitting so far away on this big
(21:38) Mr.Enderson: island. That ist cool! How about your weather atm?
(21:39) Mr.Enderson: I see all this colorful houses... blue, red, yellow, green. Wow, never talked to an greenlander^^
(21:40) Mr.Enderson: I´m living in central germany, roughly explained
(21:41) Nikolei75: yes, exactly. so beautiful during the winter time, with snow everywhere and colorful houses.
(21:41) Nikolei75: now its like - 8
(21:42) Nikolei75: cool, i have been i a lot of German cities
(21:42) Mr.Enderson: I can´t imagine how you are living there, what you´re doing the day. It´s an complete different
(21:43) Mr.Enderson: world in my perspective. I travelled a lot but never to greenland. Too cold for me
(21:46) Mr.Enderson: Ok, nice to met you here! A pleasure!
(21:46) Mr.Enderson: Please conform our match, I need to go - all the best and greetings
(21:46) Mr.Enderson: *confirm
(21:55) Nikolei75: thank. and nice to meet you to. I have now confirmed
(20:58) ShinyArceus: good evening!
(20:58) Mr.Enderson: Good evening, too. We are playing an real decider today. Head to head
(20:59) ShinyArceus: It feels dauting to play against you every time, but I hope I can win someday
(21:00) Mr.Enderson: It is not so far away - last time was close
(21:00) ShinyArceus: I have opened a game and am ready when you are :)
(21:01) ShinyArceus: lets see, I play sometimes against gulogulo
(21:01) ShinyArceus: It's my only training currently
(21:01) Mr.Enderson: Same for me
(21:02) Mr.Enderson: Ok, Music is on - should we start?
(21:02) ShinyArceus: go, hf!
(21:02) Mr.Enderson: gl hf
(21:14) Mr.Enderson: 2min please
(21:14) ShinyArceus: yes
(21:16) Mr.Enderson: Ok, ready=
(21:16) ShinyArceus: ok!
(21:16) Mr.Enderson: hf
(21:16) ShinyArceus: hf
(21:26) ShinyArceus: YES!!!
(21:26) Mr.Enderson: Puh..
(21:27) Mr.Enderson: Now we have a draw^^
(21:27) ShinyArceus: yeah
(21:29) Mr.Enderson: I really don´t know how to count that at the end
(21:29) ShinyArceus: I think either we play a tiebreaker at the end, or you look at the relative results of the other mat
(21:29) Mr.Enderson: In case of an draw counts the number of counterpoints
(21:29) ShinyArceus: ches
(21:30) Mr.Enderson: means, if you have less counterpoints you will win or counts the most counterpoints?
(21:31) ShinyArceus: I think the person with the least counterpoints wins yes
(21:31) ShinyArceus: the least points taken against them I mean
(21:31) Mr.Enderson: I guess so, too but it is written different in my opinion^^
(21:32) ShinyArceus: what's the rule according to you? I don't think I understood it from your message
(21:33) Mr.Enderson: These are the rules
(21:33) Mr.Enderson: 1. A Blobby Volley season lasts one quarter (3 months). 2. At the end of the season, the four players who are highest placed in the season rankings at that time play an free-for-all tournament to determine the Blobby Volley Champion. 3. The points of all
(21:34) Mr.Enderson: matches are added together to determine the winner. Extended sets (16:14, 19:17, etc.) are counted as 15:13. 4. In the event of a draw, the number of counter points counts. 5. The top three will forever have medals displayed in their profile and there wi
(21:34) Mr.Enderson: orever be a medal behind their nickname in the rankings. The current champion is also permanently displayed below the menu.
(21:34) ShinyArceus: yes that's what that means, you don't want other players scoring against you yeah?
(21:35) ShinyArceus: seems logical to me
(21:36) Mr.Enderson: I think in that case you have won - dont think you will get 7 counterpoints from nikolei
(21:37) ShinyArceus: we'll see but yeah that may be it then
(21:37) ShinyArceus: feels unclimatic to have it be that way
(21:38) Mr.Enderson: Well, i can just offer you to play one more set an count that at the end. But it is up to you
(21:38) Mr.Enderson: I acccept both decisions
(21:48) Mr.Enderson: I will insert our points - think about an decider set or accept the result. I have to go. Very well played!! Cu
(22:26) ShinyArceus: Cu! I'm too tired to make a decision tonight, both feel wrong in a different way
(22:26) ShinyArceus: very WP as usual!
(08:11) puffik7: If ShinyArceus vs Nikolei 75 30-(0-12). ShinyArceus - champion. If ShinyArceus vs Nikolei 75 30-(14-28) Mr.Enderson champion
(08:12) puffik7: If ShinyArceus vs Nikolei 30-13 - championship rematch
(09:38) Mr.Enderson: Correct puffik. From my perspective, and for sure, nothing against Nikolei, i do not believe that he
(09:39) Mr.Enderson: will hit 13 or more points against shiny. Shinys result against gulo
(09:39) Mr.Enderson: was a bit better then mine so, fair enough if he will win this finals!! Thumps up
(19:56) Kajak: Hey Guys! i stumbled on the game a few weeks ago and now i found out theres a active Community, did not expect that haha
(23:49) Mr.Enderson: Hello and welcome.
(18:05) gulogulonr1: hello Shiny When do play with Nicolai
(16:26) ShinyArceus: Hello, I am waiting for his answer :)

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