gulogulonr1 (23:34)

Mr.Enderson (23:31)
Cu next time :=

Mr.Enderson (23:31)
Why not

gulogulonr1 (23:27)
maybe i should install it again

gulogulonr1 (23:27)
year me to, havent even installed 1.0 any mor

Mr.Enderson (23:27)
But I still have the old one

Mr.Enderson (23:26)
No, I play now the 1.1.1 version with the 2 servers

gulogulonr1 (23:26)
do you still play on the old server

gulogulonr1 (23:25)
ok hope it will be fixed

Mr.Enderson (23:24)
No, i tried it several times in my field - i could hit the ball 4 times without made a block befoire

gulogulonr1 (23:24)
but is it because that a block doesen count as ahit

gulogulonr1 (23:23)
yes sometimes

Mr.Enderson (23:23)
you can hit the ball 4 times instead of 3...

gulogulonr1 (23:23)
i think so to

Mr.Enderson (23:23)
wp but there is a mistake in the game

gulogulonr1 (23:14)

Mr.Enderson (23:14)
No problem - we can play 2 sets

gulogulonr1 (23:10)
sorry about the typo

gulogulonr1 (23:08)
are you up for a frindly traning game

Mr.Enderson (22:57)
you´re right, normally he is on time...

gulogulonr1 (22:55)
hope nothing serious

Mr.Enderson (22:55)
He gave me some dates to play but he wasn´t there, its now 4 weeks ago

gulogulonr1 (22:54)
i contacted him on 3 platforms but no respons

gulogulonr1 (22:53)

Mr.Enderson (22:53)

Mr.Enderson (22:53)
I wonder waht happend with GK...

gulogulonr1 (22:53)
Any contact with GK

gulogulonr1 (22:52)
hi enderson

Mr.Enderson (22:51)
Hi gulo

gulogulonr1 (15:46)
and welcome to the league

jajonasz (15:33)
hope so :)

gulogulonr1 (15:32)
you will challenge me soon

jajonasz (15:31)
thanks! you play really good :)

gulogulonr1 (15:28)
well played

gulogulonr1 (15:01)
wanna play

gulogulonr1 (15:00)

gulogulonr1 (14:58)

jajonasz (10:33)
Hello everyone! Looking for some game :)

gulogulonr1 (18:57)
nobody says hello :)

gulogulonr1 (19:32)
hello nobody

Mr.Enderson (22:27)
Ah, and I´ve changed my ball, too :)

Mr.Enderson (22:26)
Ok, thx for paying! Cu

Mr.Enderson (22:26)
Yes, the classic and default rules

ShinyArceus (22:26)
nice games anyway, i'll go soon

ShinyArceus (22:25)
did you put classic game rules to have the exclamation point in the score?

Mr.Enderson (22:24)
In the last one I made some trials - its a good gameplay at all

Mr.Enderson (22:24)
Very nice, thx - in the first 2 sets I´ve changed the rules to see the difference

ShinyArceus (22:13)
i dont see you

Mr.Enderson (22:12)
Ah, can you join my game pls

ShinyArceus (22:06)

ShinyArceus (22:06)

Mr.Enderson (22:02)
do you have 1min?

Mr.Enderson (22:00)

Mr.Enderson (21:59)
I guess so, you can force your opponent to spring near the net and you will bring the ball on his

ShinyArceus (21:59)
yeah the net thing feels random but i dont know if there is a method to win it more often

Mr.Enderson (21:53)
Let´s see if GK can play soon

Mr.Enderson (21:51)
The net has still his problems, you can slit it

Mr.Enderson (21:51)
The ball moves are bit different and the blob together with the balll

ShinyArceus (21:49)
oh yeah? I did not notice much

Mr.Enderson (21:49)
It´s a bit different to 1.0 from the physics. I was not able to get that in the first set

ShinyArceus (21:48)

Mr.Enderson (21:47)

Mr.Enderson (21:47)
puh, hard training on 1.1.1 for me

ShinyArceus (21:33)
I have a lobby

Mr.Enderson (21:32)
Yes, it works finally - bit tricky but ok - now I´m ready

ShinyArceus (21:30)
all good?

Mr.Enderson (21:27)
Ok, wait a second

Mr.Enderson (21:26)
let me check

Mr.Enderson (21:26)
This makes the people leave if something isn´t working

ShinyArceus (21:26)
can you join my gaame in 1.1.1?

Mr.Enderson (21:25)
I do not understand why it is not possible to set all the servers in an new version

Mr.Enderson (21:25)
Yes, from sourceforge

ShinyArceus (21:24)
it's on the discord

ShinyArceus (21:24)
have you got your link from sourceforge for 1.1.1?

Mr.Enderson (21:23)
Yes and there I also see no servers, therefore I use 1.0

ShinyArceus (21:23)
i'm on 1.1.1

ShinyArceus (21:22)
how do i get the servers then

ShinyArceus (21:22)

Mr.Enderson (21:22)
I still use BV 2 1.0

ShinyArceus (21:22)

Mr.Enderson (21:22)

gulogulonr1 (21:22)
cause you need server.xml file

ShinyArceus (21:21)
my old game no longer has servers online

gulogulonr1 (21:20)
yes both are working

ShinyArceus (21:20)
old does not work anymore right?

ShinyArceus (21:20)
new i think

gulogulonr1 (21:18)
ok what server are you playing on new or old

ShinyArceus (21:18)
not played either ^^'' I've been full afk recently

gulogulonr1 (21:17)
nice what about GK

ShinyArceus (21:17)
hope he comes soon

ShinyArceus (21:17)
Im supposed to play Mr.Enderson tonight

ShinyArceus (21:16)
ye ye

gulogulonr1 (21:16)
long time no see

gulogulonr1 (21:13)

ShinyArceus (21:13)
hi gulo!

BublXGamer (21:15)
just discovered this game, anyone down to play a quick round??

Tron2006 (13:38)

hajo (18:01)

Tron2006 (14:01)
wo ist ein kürbis

hajo (16:02)
Pünklich zu Halloween, stellt er einen Kürbis ein :-)

hajo (15:57)
hahahaha :-)

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