gulogulonr1 (19:08)
any1 160 game?

Tron2006 (16:07)
Hajo schreibe das bitte im Discord ich denke daniel wird sich darum kümmern

Dr. B3st (20:28)
Ja das ist blöd hajo, hoffe du bekommst das irgendwie hin.

gulogulonr1 (18:01)
on my machine blobby works fine and the servers show up

gulogulonr1 (18:00)

gulogulonr1 (18:00)
hello hajo i tried to install xubuntu and then install blobby volley 1.1.1 followingthis guide :

hajo (04:00)
oder ein xubuntu-Update hat die Server gekillt. Eine Neuinstallation ist trotz aller Mühen unmöglich... es funzt einfach nicht und Windoof installiere ich mir wegen Blobby nun wirklich nicht extra...^^ :-)

hajo (03:58)
moin Dr.b3st :-) Ich hätte da gern am wieder gegen wen auch immer gespielt, nur hat sich leider vor rund 2 Monaten, die letzte funktionsfähige Blobbyversion verabschiedet. Entweder wurden die Server von Mr, Tron deaktiviert,

gulogulonr1 (16:08)
what about you puffik7, when will you be back

puffik7 (12:59)
Dr. B3st: it's good that you're back, you have every chance of winning your first gold medal

Dr. B3st (00:40)
Hi Leute, habe jetzt provisorisch ein Lankabel verlegt. D. h. ich habe jetzt wieder gute Pings und keine Verbindungsabbrüche. K. A. wie gut ich momentan bin aber wir können das gerne mal testen, solange die Zeit mitspielt.

Botenjunge (21:57)
Oh no, I now need 15 min longer

ShinyArceus (21:44)
hi gulo

ShinyArceus (21:02)

Botenjunge (21:02)
Oh no, I now need 15 min longer

ShinyArceus (21:00)
Hi Botenjunge, I can play now as well

Botenjunge (20:37)
Hi ShinyArceus, I would be available now

Mr.Enderson (08:55)
We didn´t have replays. In that time it was not so common to make replays nor had anyone the possibility to make a "ingame" video

Mr.Enderson (08:50)
There were no longer breaks - the just make a break for toilet or after the first set but we´re talking about 5 up to 10min because if you´re waiting to long your "flow" is gone

Mr.Enderson (08:49)
I didn´t believe it as I have started to play here but after playing against lot of players here I´ve become better an better and I can just say now - it is possible to play such a long time.

Mr.Enderson (08:48)
Well, there are many sick people in this world. :D

Botenjunge (01:09)
Mr.Enderson do replays of multiple hour long games exist?

Botenjunge (01:08)
10h on 100%? Even with 2h breaks for lunch, dinner and toilet…How is it even possible that neither of 2 players doesn’t make a mistake for so long.

gulogulonr1 (00:11)
Guten Abend Mr. E

Mr.Enderson (00:05)

Mr.Enderson (00:05)
The longest match with 580min, nearly 10 hours

Mr.Enderson (00:03)

Mr.Enderson (00:02)
back I can´t believe to play such long, just crazy. And this wasn´t the longest game here... Now with the faster speed it makes more fun because it is not boring anymore and you can play within few minutes. Longest match on 160 was round about 15-20min

Mr.Enderson (00:01)
Botenjunge, I just speak about myself. I have been started in 2008 here with 100% and in my best moments we played hours on hours on 100% for just only one match. My longest match was 435min, this means more than 7 hours... this isn´t fun. If I´m looking

gulogulonr1 (16:20)
you probably knew that but you played as right player

gulogulonr1 (16:18)
the name

gulogulonr1 (16:18)
and one more thing you can change your name from right player to what you want by clicking on

gulogulonr1 (16:17)
by the way if you have discord there are also a blobby channel

gulogulonr1 (16:15)

gulogulonr1 (16:15)
there are also times where there is good connection

gulogulonr1 (16:12)
no you will get use to it just wait until you play against some of the good players

Botenjunge (16:11)
You are all maniacs for playing 160% with this occasional lag :D

gulogulonr1 (16:10)
but the game will also write the lag in the title bar when you play online

Botenjunge (16:10)
I see. Yes its also 25 - 30

gulogulonr1 (16:09)

gulogulonr1 (16:08)
then in cmd prompt write ping and then the adress

gulogulonr1 (16:07)
if you click on info in th game online server it will give you the adress

gulogulonr1 (16:06)
or latency

Botenjunge (16:06)
How can I ping the server to see my lag?

gulogulonr1 (16:04)
when i ping the server right now i have 36 ms lag

gulogulonr1 (16:03)
cable is the best wifi will add more lag

gulogulonr1 (16:03)
depend son the load and your connection

Botenjunge (16:02)
Sometimes its running fine but yes it differs, sometimes its unplayable from my laptop at least for 40% of the time

gulogulonr1 (16:02)
mine is normally from 20 -30ms

gulogulonr1 (16:01)
some lag is normal i dont know how muich you have

Botenjunge (16:01)
Or is it normal to have lag?

gulogulonr1 (16:00)
the lag differs

Botenjunge (16:00)
That was fun thanks! I think I need to try from the computer, still got some lag despite 100% speed

gulogulonr1 (16:00)

gulogulonr1 (16:00)

Botenjunge (15:47)
Okay thanks

gulogulonr1 (15:47)
we can as a test

Botenjunge (15:46)
Can we just try once in 100% speed? Just curious if the speed is causing the lag

gulogulonr1 (15:46)

gulogulonr1 (15:46)
cu you next time

gulogulonr1 (15:44)
opend a game

gulogulonr1 (15:43)

Botenjunge (15:43)
Sure let’s have one more. Last one for me until after 18:00 because I am supposed to work right now

gulogulonr1 (15:43)

gulogulonr1 (15:42)
want one mor

gulogulonr1 (15:42)
you click on the player name and challenge him

Botenjunge (15:42)
Ah okay got it. Thanks”

gulogulonr1 (15:41)
if it shoul d be recorded in the liga you shoul challenge the player on the blobby site firrs

Botenjunge (15:40)
How do I get points for a game?

Botenjunge (15:40)
160% is insane though. Feels laggy

Botenjunge (15:36)
Opened a game now

gulogulonr1 (15:35)
would be best if you have a real mouse just my opinion

gulogulonr1 (15:35)

Botenjunge (15:35)
Let me try again with the laptop

gulogulonr1 (15:34)
ok i would recommend pc and play with mouse

Botenjunge (15:33)
We started the game but I am playing from the iPad and struggling with controls. It’s not working with arrows

gulogulonr1 (15:33)
you can just join my game

gulogulonr1 (15:32)
cant see you are you there

Botenjunge (15:31)
I opened a game now with 160

gulogulonr1 (15:30)
I am on the server now

Botenjunge (15:30)
Okay let me try 160% then

gulogulonr1 (15:29)
We can do that what speed i preffere 160

Botenjunge (15:29)
You want a quick 1:1?

gulogulonr1 (15:28)
Your welcome

Botenjunge (15:27)
Ah that was very helpful! Thank you @gulogulonr1

Botenjunge (15:27)
Ah that was very helpful! Thank you @gulogulonr1

Botenjunge (15:27)
Ah that was very helpful! Thank you @gulogulonr1

gulogulonr1 (15:14)
hello shiny

gulogulonr1 (15:11)
you can play wit others when you choose online servers in the game meny

gulogulonr1 (15:10)
if you download blobby v1.1.1 from

gulogulonr1 (15:00)
we will do our best to help

gulogulonr1 (15:00)
if you need help with something about the game just ask

gulogulonr1 (14:58)
Hello Botenjunge and welcome to the liga

Botenjunge (14:46)
I still don’t get how to connect to other players here though. I was always just playing in front of the computer with friends

Botenjunge (14:45)
The version I was playing with my friends was the one where the ball bounces off the wall. The bots are no match on 100% speed. But with 160% speed and no bouncing off the walls I am not so sure anymore that this is what I wanted to get into

Botenjunge (14:43)
The version

puffik7 (14:38)
I've been playing this game since 2003, back when the first version had the ball bouncing off the wall, but I haven't beaten these players yet. Playing with bots and real players are two different things.

Botenjunge (11:52)
I have almost 10 years of experience on 100% speed. But 130% and more isn’t fun

Botenjunge (11:51)
But 160% is mental. Just tried it out. Nobody plays on 100% speed here?

Botenjunge (11:39)
I should have time today after 18:00 CET

Botenjunge (11:39)
I think I have challenged you now, ShinyArceus. I didn’t know about the 160% speed though. But I will give it a try. I am just not sure how it works. Do I need to download anything or can we play through the browser?

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