puffik7 (19:37)

gulogulonr1 (19:37)
Thanks for the game

puffik7 (19:29)

gulogulonr1 (19:26)
160 when you are ready

gulogulonr1 (19:24)

puffik7 (19:24)
gulogulonr1: hello, min10

Mr.Enderson (00:57)
Oh ihr Noobies - 21uhr im Bett.... auch am Wochenende?!

Pandemonium (14:37)

puffik7 (14:36)
Thanks for the game

Pandemonium (14:35)

Pandemonium (14:21)

puffik7 (14:20)
Pandemonium: play fun 160?

Pandemonium (14:17)
@Mr.Enderson: abends zu spielen ist bei mir auch nicht mehr drin. Um 21 Uhr ruft das Bett :)

puffik7 (13:17)
Mr.Enderson: I like to play during the day, and you play in the evening when I'm sleepy. But if you're ready to play now I'm ready

Mr.Enderson (13:12)
You didn´t mentioned me?? How dare you!! :/

puffik7 (09:59)
scooby666, Truth136, hajo, ShinyArceus, Downburst, Shades, DonDave, Pandemonium guys who want a match write

puffik7 (10:59)
gulogulonr1: I will try to watch the chat today so as not to miss the message about the rematch

gulogulonr1 (16:37)
sorry thought i had done i t should be right now

puffik7 (16:34)
gulogulonr1: match not confirmed

gulogulonr1 (16:29)

puffik7 (16:28)
thanks for playing, see you

gulogulonr1 (16:21)

puffik7 (16:21)
ok 2 time

gulogulonr1 (16:19)
game for fun ?

gulogulonr1 (16:18)
i will practice some more and be back

gulogulonr1 (16:17)
yes very true

puffik7 (16:16)
Yes, the game is good, but we both lost balls from scratch due to excitement

gulogulonr1 (16:14)
well played you have been practicing

puffik7 (15:54)
gulogulonr1: hellio, ok

gulogulonr1 (15:51)
hello Puffik7 10 min then i am ready

Mr.Enderson (22:48)
*warst. Wenn net dann kein gg :)

Mr.Enderson (22:48)
Vermutung rein. Ratata war mein Gegner heute Mittag, hätte sein können dass du des warts

Mr.Enderson (22:47)
Wenn ich gegen einen unbekannten Namen spiele schreibe ich ab und an hier mal meine

scooby666 (12:11)
gg? was meinst Du, weiss nicht wirklich was Du meinst....

Mr.Enderson (11:45)
gg scoob

Mr.Enderson (22:19)
So, I would have to play min. 3 times against him but he doesnt want and to many times against the others >(

Mr.Enderson (22:18)
I would receive 1 point against zou, 5 points against pandemonium and 9 points against scooby but 33 if I would plaz and win against downi

Mr.Enderson (22:16)
puffik7. Вы знаете, сколько времени мне нужно, чтобы заработать такое количество баллов? Мне пришлось бы сыграть против Дауни, чтобы вообще набрать немного больше очков.

Mr.Enderson (22:15)
Hi Pande. Dann solltest auch mal wieder ne Runde spielen, oder zwei

Mr.Enderson (22:14)
puffik7: Вы знаете, сколько времени мне нужно, чтобы заработать такое количество баллов? Мне пришлос

Pandemonium (20:34)
Guten Abend, Ich hab mal wieder hergefunden :)

puffik7 (08:24)
Mr.Enderson: Обгони Downi в рейтинге, набрав еще 111 очков и у него появится стимул играть матчи

scooby666 (15:52)
Yasya, want to play a match?

Mr.Enderson (00:25)
Na also, Downi war mal wieder zum Ranglisten refreshen Online :D - dieser Noob, fehlt noch Katja

puffik7 (08:13)
thanks for playing, see you

scooby666 (08:12)
Thx for playing :)

puffik7 (07:58)

scooby666 (07:58)
yes, lets play 4fun. Go

scooby666 (07:57)
all good for me. Today you deserved the victory in league match :)

puffik7 (07:57)
maybe it will be better

scooby666 (07:57)
But since it is the same for both players by playing online, it is fair. And I don't have lags, so

puffik7 (07:57)
let's try fun

puffik7 (07:56)
try vpn or change SDL-OPEN GL

scooby666 (07:55)
Same here, online play feels different. True

puffik7 (07:54)
here I am playing with a bot and holding the ball for 1-2 minutes, and when online it is lost quickly

scooby666 (07:53)
yes I do

puffik7 (07:53)
do you play 160 with bots? reduced gintonic9?

scooby666 (07:52)
I mean, whenever we will play again, the problem with some weird balls would probably happen again..

scooby666 (07:49)
Hmm, and what do you suggest?

puffik7 (07:49)
I also lose balls from scratch, I think it's because of the server

scooby666 (07:48)
Thanks for the offer, but that would be not fair

puffik7 (07:48)
you will lose all rating points

puffik7 (07:47)
scooby666: are you giving in? if you want, we can not count the result

scooby666 (07:36)
Is that ok?

scooby666 (07:36)
First one set for fun please, need to get warm hands :D

puffik7 (07:36)

scooby666 (07:34)
Sure puffik7

puffik7 (07:29)
scooby666 hi, want to play match 160?

gulogulonr1 (20:56)
A game for fun shiny?

gulogulonr1 (20:55)
Maybe another time

gulogulonr1 (20:53)

gulogulonr1 (20:53)
What about you hajo a mach?

ShinyArceus (20:52)
yes yes of course :)

gulogulonr1 (20:52)
Hope to get a chance another time

ShinyArceus (20:51)

gulogulonr1 (20:51)

ShinyArceus (20:51)

ShinyArceus (20:42)

gulogulonr1 (20:42)

ShinyArceus (20:42)
ready as well

ShinyArceus (20:41)

gulogulonr1 (20:40)
Hello Shiny just about ready

gulogulonr1 (16:52)

gulogulonr1 (16:52)
we will see ,i will like to play again

scooby666 (16:51)

scooby666 (16:51)
Hope to get a revenge next time :)

gulogulonr1 (16:48)

scooby666 (16:48)
I know I know. Maybe next time :)

gulogulonr1 (16:47)
you shifted gear in second

scooby666 (16:47)
U played very good, gratz

scooby666 (16:47)
except of the 2nd half of 1st set :D the rest was pretty ok

gulogulonr1 (16:46)
well played

scooby666 (16:38)
gl & hf

gulogulonr1 (16:37)

scooby666 (16:37)

gulogulonr1 (16:36)
yes legue or fun

scooby666 (16:36)
:) 160?

gulogulonr1 (16:36)
yes why not

scooby666 (16:35)
Hi gulogulonr1 want a match?

scooby666 (10:33)
thx, cu!

puffik7 (10:32)
thanks for playing, see you

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